choco peanut butter matzo

24 Apr

a kind friend gave me a box of matzo she wasnt going to use — what to make with it???

choco & peanut butter sounded good — chocolate makes anything better right?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Matzo Sandwiches

3 Matzo squares (large size – as packaged)
1 1/4 cups dark chocolate chips (i used a combo of milk/semi-sweet)
2 Tbsp canola oil  (i used vegetable)
pinch of sea salt
2 Tbsp sugar
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter


1.  carefully chop the Matzo into squares. It’s OK if the squares are not perfect – just try to break them into large shapes that match up in some way. If you have lots of leftover Matzo crumbles – you can make a few birds nests.

2. Heat a double broiler and add the chocolate, canola oil, salt and sugar to a stainless steel bowl or pan above the steaming double broiler. Melt the chocolate until creamy – do not burn! When chocolate is melted turn off stove an cover with lid to preserve melted state. Work quickly – as freshly melted chocolate is easiest to dip.

3. To make sandwiches: spread a small amount of peanut butter between two Matzo squares – enough to cover the surface. Then roll the squares in the chocolate – and immeditly place on a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Repeat until all your sandwiches are completed. If you are making the flat crisps you will be able to swirl the peanut butter right into the chocolate and spread over top the top surface of each matzo square. Also place on the baking sheet. And lastly, if you are makign all – or a few birds nest crisps, crush the Matzo squares and toss right into the peanut butter and chocolate mixture – also add in the slivered almonds. Scoop portions into cupcake liner or silicone baking cups – arrange on baking sheet.

4. For a quick chill – I place my baking sheet in the freezer. your treats should be ready to eat in just about ten minutes – the flat crisps take a tad longer. Yippee!


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