21 Feb

A couple weeks ago we had plans to celebrate my grandmothers birthday at my aunts house. And I had plans to make a cake that my grandmother had made every year for every birthday in the family. That plan did not go well. The cake ended up a cardboard looking disaster! That plan needs to be revisited soon. So in its place I made my fried Kim’s tiramisu! Yum-o. Delicious! I used the husbands dunkin donut coffee and tjs mascarpone. The recipe called for 24oz of mascarpone but I only had 16oz on hand. Still delicious. I also grinded some tjs sugar chocolate and coffee bean mix on top!


kim’s tiramisu

1 Package Ladyfingers
24oz Mascarpone cheese
4 cups Strong warm coffee
2/3 Cup Sugar
5 Eggs
Cinnamon for dusting

1. Beat egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl until appear pale and thick. Add the mascarpone and mix gently until very stiff.

2. Beat eggwhites and a pinch of salt in a separate bowl until soft peaks form, then gently fold them into the mascarpone mixture.

3. Prepare the coffee, pour it into a shallow dish and let it cool down.
Dunk the Ladyfingers quickly into the coffee one at a time and arrange them side by side, in a serving dish. Cover the biscuits with some of the mascarpone mixture. Dust with cinnamon.

4. Repeat the layers until you finish with the last of the mascarpone mixture as your top layer.

5. Dust the top with cinnamon. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

kim adds:
I took the recipe on my package of ladyfingers & adjusted it a little. The original can be found at this site: http://www.fornobonomi.com
DO NOT use the soft, doughy bakery section ladyfingers. Use the prepackaged real ones – bonus points if the package is all in Italian!


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