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tjs french onion soup

17 Jul

we had a yard sale yesterday – we were both exhausted!  the husband ate a sandwich for dinner and i heated up tj’s french onion soup.


frozen – going into the oven



after being in the oven 40 minutes — YUMMY!


open the freezer and see what tj items can be thrown together

14 Jul


tonight was an open the freezer and see what kind of tj items i could throw together for dinner 🙂

this is what i dug up:



it was all delicious 🙂

spaghettie & mama mancini meatballs

2 Jun

i read a lot of blogs – food, local, shopping, coupons, etc.  one of the blogs i follow (barista kids millburn)  had a contest one day on one of the posts.  i ended up winning and a couple weeks later a cooler with dry ice and 2 packages of MamaMancini meatballs arrived at my door.  one package of sunday sauce and large meatballs and one package of turkey meatballs in sauce.  i cooked up both packages and served over a box of whole wheat spaghetti.  they were just eh — the turkey meatballs had more flavor than the regular ones — and there was barely enough sauce in both packages together to barely coat one box of spaghetti.  the sauce was definitely flavorless…  i wont be buying these — free i’ll take 🙂


tj’s confetti rice

19 May

we had leftovers tonight — but for a side we cooked up some tj’s confetti rice.  if you shop at tj’s you must try this rice!  delicious!

ikea meatballs

27 Apr

tonight was one of those nights i just needed to get something on the table.  last time we were at ikea i decided to buy a bag of their frozen meatballs and a jar of lingonberry jam.   throw a whole bunch in a microwaveable dish and microwave 4-5 min — boil up some egg noodles and throw in a good size dallop of lingonberry jam == delicious!

one other product i picked up on that visit where these frozen swedish pancakes   These are really good — basically crepes — ive been slathering them with strawberry preserves or nutella!  YUM


16 Mar

Ive had this box from tastefully simple sitting around for awhile and decided to try it tonight. It was pretty good. The sauce had a little bit of heat – but i’m not sure that i would buy it again!


You can buy it here

buitoni shrmip & lobster ravioli

10 Mar


this week has been a quick and easy thrown something together kind of week 🙂
i found these awhile ago at target and while i wasnt expecting anything fabulous they turned out really good!
the best thing is they’re super fast to make and hazel says theyre her 2nd favorite thing to eat!
target has them on sale at least once a month if you’re looking to save some $$